Vasyli Dananberg Orthotic

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Howard Dananberg and Philip Vasyli have combined their expertise to bring you the world's first professional orthotic device with removable first ray sections, Vasyli Dananberg 1st Ray Orthotic! Vasyli Dananberg incorporates Triplanar motion control to control foot function in all 3 cardinal planes (frontal, transverse and sagittal). This orthotic can be worn in custom-fit shoes, casual shoes, boots and children?s shoes.

Removable Proximal and Distal Plugs
The orthotic features a Sorbon shock heel dot to help dissipate and distribute force along the angle of strike to reduce impact on the foot. The two removable first ray plugs allow you to customize the orthotic to assist in maximizing first ray function. The proximal and distal plugs can be removed individually or together, as needed, improving treatment of 1st ray function.